Hiring a content writing agency can give you a huge competitive advantage

9 Compelling Reasons Why Hiring A Content Writing Agency Can Give You A Huge Competitive Advantage

Every business is now going online to carve itself a niche with the community of potential online customers.


Many marketing experts and gurus will agree that getting your business a position worth noting online is an uphill task. You must figure out what your potential clients want to see, what makes them intrigued to the point of signing up for your weekly newsletters and eventually becoming a long-term client. Besides, if all your competitors are building their business blogs and using them to rally their clients, it is about time you started to as well.


Enter content writing agencies, which are now the in-thing for every business looking to capture its audience’s attention using high-quality, relevant, and engaging original content. To stand out from the rest of the crowd in your industry, you need engaging, high quality, and original content that will get your customers talking. There is a myriad of reasons why you should hire a content writing agency, and this article will shed light on them to inspire you to make that important call:

Content writing agencies have a wide variety of content types


A fully effective digital marketing campaign is made so by having varying types of content to reach across all audiences and generate better returns. Again, your content must differ from that of the competition so that your voice does not overlap with theirs. Having an agency on board gives you access to different types of content that offers you these advantages:

  • Reduced hassle when trying to determine what kinds of content you need to promote your business effectively
  • The ability to reduce risk and ease management by working with one single agency
  • The chance to experiment with different kinds of content to determine the one with the maximum positive responses and returns

A content writing agency will increase your chances of getting better content reach


To have a better competitive advantage, you need to consider getting yourself the kind of content that clearly stands out and has that factor that will make your blog visitors want to share it with their friends.

Agencies have professionals across all fields that will get you the kind of high quality, original content that will arouse interest in your prospective clients. Investing in a content agency is one of the surefire ways of obtaining the best possible content to bring in more customers via your business site and social media.

Long-term benefits in trust and profits

If you choose the right content writing agency, you are assured of a long term professional business relationship that will have mutual benefits in profits. The most significant advantage of having the same content agency for a long period is the experience that they accrue in generating content that suits your business, which makes them better with time. The better the content you upload to your business website, the bigger your competitive advantage will be. Moreover, your agency will thrive if your business is thriving, so you can be sure that your agency will use all the resources to ensure the mutual profits keep coming in.

Proper content management


Every business manager knows that failing to plan is planning to fail; which is why it is critical to plan and manage every aspect of your business, including your content generation and marketing strategies. To make the most of the scarce resources and time you have, you will need to create a robust content marketing plan.

A content writing agency has professionals that will gladly help you fix an appropriate content marketing strategy and schedule different campaigns in a way that will have the highest conversion rates. A content marketing management strategy will help both you and your agency craft a plan that will utilize the least possible resources and bring you profits.

Regular work quality


Standardization of content is incredibly crucial for a business to keep an authentic and trustworthy brand online. Your followers will be watching to find the slightest discrepancy and will not take it well if your brand voice keeps changing. No one, especially not the millennials on social media and blog review pages, likes an inconsistent business.

To ensure a consistent quality of work, consider hiring a content writing agency. The writers in these agencies have the expertise to build and maintain your online brand reputation in a competent way through standardized content creation. You thus will no longer need to worry about creating the same stellar quality f work, especially if writing is not your strong suit.

Bigger returns on investment


Many companies shy away from hiring content writing services for the extra expense they add to an already tight budget. However, it is essential to note that investing in a content writing agency is one of the most worth-while steps to make when trying to build an online brand.

The high-quality content they will create will by far rival that of your competitors, thus improving your market share and bringing in more profits. The agency will always bring forth their best writers to give you the kind of content that will bring returns in multiples of your agency fees.

Content writing agencies help you stay within your budgetScreenshot_20190607_031501.jpg

Contrary to the belief above that content agencies are expensive, they actually will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Having an agency on board eliminated the need to hire temporary freelancers during peak traffic seasons, the cost of which can be hefty once it accumulates.

Agencies have a team of writers, which means that they scale along with you to get you high volumes of work when you need it and reduced content when traffic goes back down. This flexibility with your editorial calendar and scalability is another of the main reasons why all successful businesses work with content writers.

There is also the advantage where your wage bill and costs of providing employee benefits are significantly reduced when you opt to hire an agency rather than an in-house writer.

The extra perspective


Outsourcing your content needs to a writing agency will allow you to give your readers a fresh perspective and improve the quality of writing on your business site. If you feel that your business blog needs a set of fresh eyes and some new kind of high-quality articles, there is no better alternative than that of a content agency. If you specify your need to revamp your blog with fresh content, they will generate articles that will do just that.

They save time


Content writing agencies have one significant advantage in delivering excellent, well-researched content in a short time, depending on the type of project. If you have not uploaded a post in a long time to your business site, you can count on a content writing agency to send you some posts in a surprisingly short time. Besides, running a business is a hectic affair on its own, so hiring a content writing agency will let you focus on other essential business affairs such as research and development, human resource, and product improvement.

Who stands to benefit most from the services of a content writing agency?


You are incredibly excited with your business plan, and the go-ahead from your financiers, brand new business website, logo, and plan to make the planet a better place with your outstanding products.

However, there is one issue; you are starting out, which means that the world online does not know that you exist; and yet you do not have the funds to splurge on a 10-million follower influencer or go all out and hire a full-time digital marketing professional.

Content marketing agencies are there for you. With a retainer, you can get a reliable source of content that is fully customized to meet your needs; SEO, audience requirements, and other finer details. Many effective content agencies will allow you to tailor your retainer to suit your budget and give you the flexibility you need. The best content marketing agency will understand your needs as a start-up and get you all the content you need; white papers, web copy, and articles for your shiny new blog.

Mid-sized companies

Your company may have grown, but you are still having a hard time getting your marketing staff to create some time from their hectic schedule of meetings, trade shows, field trips, and other tasks that keeps your marketing department running.

You can hire a content writing agency to liaise with your marketing team to generate all the content in your editorial calendar, write excellent articles for your business blog, and conduct meetings with other subject experts in your company to create relevant content that clearly tells your business’ story.

To make the collaboration with your content writing agency work, consider planning your full digital marketing strategies and editorial calendar before bringing them on board. This will ensure that the content they generate aligns with both your short and long-term needs.

If you are having a temporary hiring crisis

It may happen that your top content writer is going for maternity leave or may just have fallen seriously ill. The fact that they are no longer available does not mean that your content marketing efforts must grind to a halt for the next few weeks or month. By the time they will be coming back, your followers and blog readers will have removed your online brand from their minds.

Hiring a content marketing agency will help fill those gaps for you for as long as you need. You should consider hiring an agency rather than a temporary employee, as the latter will be distracted by finding themselves a full-time job the whole time. Content generating agencies are usually happy to grant you their services using a flexible package.

If you are a professional in business looking to build your online brand

If you run your own practice as a doctor, specialist, lawyer, or finance expert or are looking to build a reputation for your consultancy firm or voice your political ambition, you probably do not have the time to create the superior content t get you that industry reputation.

A content writing agency usually has a team of dedicated professionals who will gladly ghostwrite your blog posts for you. While you may not want to turn everything in your marketing campaign over to them, they will provide an avenue for you to cooperate and ensure that the content they create is meeting your goals. The agency will help you voice your agenda to your target audience and get you that prestigious industry reputation with minimal time investment. It is important, however, that you get your agency representatives to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep your discussions private.

If you are a marketing agency with limited access to content writing professionals

You may have a client whose projects demands a lot of long-form content, yet you do not have the expertise to offer your client what they need because your focus is on ad copy and design. This case will require you to get a content writing agency to handle the content for you. You can have it as either white-label to conceal the agency’s involvement, or label it as outsourced so that the client can communicate directly with the agency.

There are many great content agencies out there that will ensure constant and effective communication to ensure that the project goes as required and meets the set deadline.



As you can see above, every kind of business looking to build itself a prestigious, online brand could benefit significantly from bringing a content writing agency on board. There are many reputable agencies that will gladly craft a package to suit your business’ needs. You can also try a several-month trial with the agency to see if their content reaches your quality benchmarks.

If you are looking for one such respectable content writing agency, contact us to get high-quality articles that are original, search engine optimized and engaging at competitive rates.



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