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Should You Hire a Writing Agency or In-house Writers to Create Content?

The use of content to engage audiences and trigger thoughts and opinions has been in existence for years, only that now, social media, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing has made content writing a bigger business than ever before. The internet has become the tool of choice for businesses to drive clients and make more profits than ever before.


However, practically every business in your industry is looking to carve itself a niche on the internet and with the same target market, so you need an experienced writing professional to help you navigate the complex world of content marketing.

The main question that many marketing experts cannot help asking is; should we hire a content writing agency or bring in an in-house writer? Marketing managers agree that it is incredibly hard to find a great writer who embodies all the features that you need. Again, the amount of content that you will need to have a successful digital marketing campaign will vary with time. How much are you willing to part with in terms of funds, time, and organizational culture?


Hiring an in-house writer has its advantages, including having a better, more profound understanding of your brand, business operations, products, and overall objectives. Their insight will always come in handy when your goal is to have informative yet engaging and authentic content. You will also get a higher degree of control, considering that the writer will be your employee, and thus you will have physical access to ask them about the progress of assigned projects and offer insights to control the kind of content they deliver.

However, the following disadvantages also come with hiring an in-house writer:

  • Bias

An in-house writer’s content is often biased in your business’ advantage, such that the content they deliver will be geared more towards sales and promotions rather than personalization, which is vital for an effective content marketing campaign.

  • Time spent in hiring

Advertising the vacant writer’s post, sifting through resumes, hiring, carrying out interviews, and orienting your candidate of choice will consume a lot of time and money, not to mention the recurrent cost of salary and employee benefits like health insurance. Again, you will also need a system in place to send, receive and proofread assignments, which will consume even more resources.

  • Lack of scalability

Regardless of the number of writers, you will bring on board; you will always encounter a problem when you need large volumes of content during peak seasons. Your writers will only be able to deliver the same volume they are accustomed to, thus bringing in the need to hire more writers.

  • Skill gap

Finding a writer that will deliver excellent content and who also happens to be great in SEO, CSM and copywriting is going to be incredibly hard for you if you choose to hire an in-house writer.

All these disadvantages are just but a few of the reasons why you should opt for a content writing agency. These agencies are mostly firms that pool together a team of experts to deliver your content at affordable prices. They have quickly become the in-thing for every business looking to have an effective content marketing campaign, and in addition to eliminating the challenges you may face from hiring an in-house writer, they also bring a whole plethora of advantages, which include:

Content agencies allow you to focus on running your business


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a content writing agency is the fact that they take the load of writing completely off your shoulders. Most content writing agencies use account management to ensure that every client gets an expert to manage all their content needs. In this case, your sole role will be to offer directions on the kind of content you want and the keywords you need to be added, and your account manager will handle the rest by passing your instructions to the other writers. This effective way of working enables you to completely delegate the content writing bit and focus on other business matters like human resource and product improvement.

A wider array of resources


Unlike a writer who only offers you the skillset they have, a content writing agency gives you access to a whole lot more speciality services. Such include content curation, social media planning, standalone editing, among others. The chances of obtaining a writer who is excellent in SEO and other techniques that make content much more effective is also higher if you opt for an agency.

In addition to these services, you also get access to a wide array of other kinds of articles apart from the usual copywriting services, which gives you an opportunity to carry out social experiments to determine the kind of content that delivers the best results and responses.

An external perspective


Every progressive business understands that they are not in a closed environment; to be successful, it is important for a business to open its doors and hear what other people have to say about their business. Hiring a writing agency lets you do just that; bringing in a new perspective rather than that of an employee whose opinions are biased by their loyalty to your brand.



Most respectable content writing agencies have been in existence for years, meaning that they are uniquely qualified to generate high-quality content that is sure to drive leads due to their experience. Finding a content writing agency that has had experience in generating content for clients in your industry will help in ensuring the content you get is relevant, up to date and reliable for bringing in visitors to your site.

Ability to scale


The fact that content writing agencies have a large team of writers at your disposal means that you can scale your orders up or down depending on the season’s needs without compromising in content quality or time spent. It is possible for you to get a large number of excellent articles within the same time it would have taken if they were fewer because the agency can distribute the work among its writers. Outsourcing your content needs is also incredibly important if you have some large-scale short term projects.

Agencies help in saving time


Hiring an in-house writer can often result in time wastage and delayed projects because they may be inexperienced and may need more time to deliver some high quality work, not to mention the high number of corrections they may need to make. However, with a content agency, you can be sure that the writers therein are professionals, and happen to have all the necessary skills to deliver your work on time.

Professional content agencies help you save money


Unlike hiring an in-house pair of hands to join your marketing team where you incur hundreds of dollars in extra salaries, bonuses and employee benefits, the cost of outsourcing your writing is drastically reduced. For a retainer, you get the benefits of error-free, original SEO-friendly content with all the right keywords and intonation, not to mention the chance to request for revisions as you may require.

Hiring an agency lets you pass on the cost of training and providing the writers with remuneration and the resources they need to deliver high-quality work so that all you get to do is pay your fees and upload your posts.

Writers in content agencies are professionals at raising brand awareness


The main objective of getting content is to market your business online, which means that your content needs to be tailored to meet the fine requirements needed to obtain the exposure you are aiming at. Content writers in writing agencies have accrued plenty of experience, and know what it takes to leverage content to effectively sell your products online. Again, it is important that your content brings more visitors to your website, and you can count on the writers in writing agencies to deliver them.

Content writing works


One of the most successful subtypes of digital marketing is content marketing. From blog posts, and product descriptions, to web pages, landing pages and SEO writing, all these techniques are highly acclaimed by veteran marketers for their success in engaging online audiences.

To make the most of this digital marketing technique, consider hiring the pros to do it, and watch as your profits soar to newer heights.

You will enjoy a more prominent presence of social media


Social media is now at the core of every marketing effort, and every brand is looking to outdo the other by the number of followers and likes they have on their official pages. Being on Facebook, for instance, instantly exposes you to the over 1 billion users who log in daily for at least an hour.

To have a dominant position on all major social media networks, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn, and Google+, you must ensure that the content you post on your corresponding pages and blog is of high quality to prevent negative chatter and bad comments from fans from marring your pages. You will also need to look out for bashes from your competition.

Having a professional agency on board will ensure you have timely advice on how to counter the negative comments in a tactful way, thus making good of what would have been originally a terrible position.

It improves your corporate image


Everyone likes to see a website that looks professionally done. Clients will regard you in high esteem if you invest in the services of a content marketing service to improve the content you show them. Everyone, again, still judges a book by its cover, and if the first thing your potential client sees is mediocre content, they will quickly go on to your competitor’s website. They want to ask for advice regarding their products from someone who seems well versed with it and cares enough to spend some extra money in ensuring that their first impression is good.

In addition to high-quality content, your visitors also want to see plenty of it on your site, as this will make you look like an authority in your specialty. Besides, having less content or failing to upload content constantly will make both your visitors and the search engines to forget about your site.

They will help your website remain interesting


Regardless of the industry you are in, your audience wants to remain captivated, informed and entertained by the content you offer them on your website. Another advantage of having a professional content writing service is that they will deliver content whose tone will not only sell your products but also provide a great reading experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Again, since people visit the internet looking for new information, they need content with fascinating new facts that answer their questions adequately and that are not just click bait.

If you run a business blog or a page on social media, you must know that your readers hate hard sellers whose only interest is their money. This kind of personalized content is what drives leads, make your blog visitors share your link with others, and gives great conversion rates.

The power of automation

Automation will help not only your IT and manufacturing departments but also your content creation aspect. Most forward-looking agencies have a feature that allows you to automate the receipt of your content; so that you receive it on a certain date and time. You will no longer have to set deadlines, alarms, or worry unnecessarily. This will help you post articles on your blog consistently and on time so that your readers will look forward to visiting your blog on a specific day to read your posts.


The benefits of hiring a professional content writing agency compared to an in-house writer are numerous, which is why you should contact us today to have all your content writing needs addressed. We are a team of seasoned SEO experts that will readily deliver superior-quality content on time at competitive rates.


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